Orthotropics: The idea behind improving your face

Orthotropics is the study behind improving your face in 2 ways: Improving your muscles, and bones positioning. To this day the face is not discussed often in terms of improving its look as part of your fitness regime. However, the face is the main thing that people get to see, is constantly on public display […]

Endurance vs Hypertrophy: Which is better to train in your early 20s?

There are generally 2 groups of people: Those who do endurance training only, and those who mostly train for Hypertrophy, but incorporate some endurance training as well. And there’s also a 3rd group, which we could call outliers. That is: I have ditched endurance training altogether. It might seem silly at first, but there are […]

Music versus no Music in the Gym

Is it better to liste or not to listen to music in gym? I think this is a question not asked often, but music is one of the biggest differences in your performance in gym. I’d estimate that majority of people who have exercised have used music to prop up their lifts at some point […]

Overcome Your Muscle Building Plateau With Rest-Pause Training

Male Bodybuilder Working out

The rest-pause method has become very popular for men trying to add extra muscle after years of training. As a beginner you’re going to see gains faster, this is just what happens when your body does something new. However after weeks or months of training your body needs a new shock. The rest-pause method is […]

Cardio is second best way to lose fat

Male Bodybuilder Lifting Weights

All throughout modern society we keep hearing that going for a run, taking a jog or going on a treadmill is one of the best things to do if you’d like to lose fat and body weight. However, the increasing number of obese people, and especially men, in the developed world seems to contradict this […]

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