Modern bodybuilding in Ghana: Home no-cost workouts will put you ahead of 90% of people

“Eat big, lift big, grow big”

When the Covid pandemic hit, all of us may remember the times that we’ve heard someone say “I can’t workout, the gyms are closed”

Other times we’ve heard that someone didn’t have money, or time, to go to the gym – which is a valid reason in this context.

However, we’ll point out that it is again the case – where there is will, there are results, and it is possible to workout with one-time investment of gym equipment at home, or even with own-made bells/barbells that you can create.

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Ghana Bodybuilders

We will point out a fact – that what we’ll be about to describe is physiques made out of hand-made gym equipment in one of the African countries near the equator. Ghana.

It’s highly likely that these guys can get great results based on their chemical make-up.

Typical foods in Europe vs US: Effects on Gym

In US and Europe, the testosterone levels are lower than ever, however in Africa it’s well known that testosterone levels are still at peak levels which is key for building muscle.

The foods in Africa, although not as accessible as in places like the US or Europe, are far more nutritious and natural.

Many of the foods in the US and Europe contain estrogen raising chemicals which prevent high testosterone levels and thus muscle building.

It is obviously very much possible to follow the more natural diets these bodybuilders use to help them remain ripped throughout the year, and add on additional muscle with the most basic equipment you can imagine.

Ghana’s bodybuilders: typical meals to enhance muscle growth

One of the bodybuilders Kulbila “Titanium” Samuel, named after the David Guetta song, gives an insight into his own training and diet.

172cm, 87kg Kulbila claims that he doesn’t have a strict diet, he eats as much as he likes, but makes sure that he stays away from junk food and cheat meals in order to remain ripped.

Here are the main parts of his meals: Rice, Stew, Beans, Oats, Sweet Potatoes, Maize, Fish, Peanuts, Green Beans, Cabbage, Dandelion, Eggs, Millet, Yams

I don’t think this sounds like anything you can’t get to in countries like US or in Europe, however the typical diet contains diet sodas, hamburgers, fries or other highly processed foods.

It seems to be a common theme across the world that the more natural the food is, the more it aids to build up muscle – both through higher protein absorption, increased metabolism, nerve connections and also higher testosterone levels.

Experiment tested (Pre-Phase): How is working out at home compared to gym

I have done my own experiment: 1,5 years of lifting at home, while also doing a control experiment of going to the gym between 10-20 times in that timeframe.

This was supplemented by 0 cheat days, strict diet of Chicken breasts, rice, sweet potatoes, onions, eggs (now abolished) and Peanut Butter as main fat source.

During this whole experiment there was 1 cheat meal eaten – a pizza to regain some lost calories from previous days. I can still say to this day – cheat meals are not worth it, even if they are very rare.

Experiment: The start of workouts at home

I have discovered advantages of at home workouts, however to my contrary expectations, what I found was completely unexpected.

I believe at the time of starting this test I was hoping to just be able to lift more consistently, since it would seem that at-home workouts are much easier to do than gym itself.

As we’ve discussed, the Ghana bodybuilders proved that themselves with physiques they were able to achieve.

The first surprise was the quick abolishment of cheat meals, foods and the majority of supplements.

When you walk past 5 stores on average after you end your workout session, 3 another fast food places and 2 restaurants, it may be very hard for you to skip the occasional cheat meal.

I think very much often it is not even spontaneous but planned ahead, since you were exposed to the smells of those delicious food days prior.

What were the main benefits taken?

To my surprise, working out at home not only eliminated the random cheat days but also the majority of supplements to which you’re exposed at the gym.

I think this might be because when you’re at home – you’re more careful not to pull into the hype of each supplement and you’re more prone to do lots of research before deciding which one to take.

I’ll mention – to this day I have only 2 supplements – Vitamin D and Creatine Monohydrate. And I have tested tens of another ones in the past.

The best benefit: Costs (Unique Take)

Another thing: Costs. This is most likely the biggest benefit, because it’s exponential. Let me explain.

We could talk about the benefits of buying one-time equipment, not having to pay travel costs / gym membership costs, but I think the biggest benefit that I found unexpectedly was the time saving.

What at-home gym does with this equipment is to allow you to train whenever you want.

Do you wake up at 3am? You can work out in the morning, and then jump to work afterwards. Do you somehow like to first work, then come and do the gym before the evening with 2nd cortisol peak of the day?

Go ahead as well – you don’t have to again walk 15 minutes or go by car for 10 minutes and another 10 back to your house just to start working out.

I think this is immensely powerful – since you now get to control when you work out, how you’d like to structure it and you aren’t bound by the opening hours of the gyms around you. I would even dare to say that if everyone owned gym equipment (by buying or building up their own), they would at some point exercise almost weekly, just due to constant exposure of weights and barbells at their home.

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