Cardio is second best way to lose fat

All throughout modern society we keep hearing that going for a run, taking a jog or going on a treadmill is one of the best things to do if you’d like to lose fat and body weight.

However, the increasing number of obese people, and especially men, in the developed world seems to contradict this advice. Think about it. Have you ever seen a shredded 6 foot 4 athlete promote and use this advice?

Lost Weight vs Lost Fat

I think none of us want to lose fat, just to end up looking skinny without any definition.

I’ve seen so many times people celebrating their lost weight by doing cardio only to end up looking skinny fat, which is a modern epitome of bad aesthetics.

This is also why looking at your weight is counterintuitive to your progress since it only accounts into the fact your bodyweight without your body composition.

You can be 95kg and look massive, while another 95kg man can look absolutely shit with a beer belly. The scales won’t tell you that.

What is the best approach that is employed by the people who make it?

Weight lifting

The best way which many fit aesthetics influencers used to achieve their bodies and do not promote enough is weight lifting during cut.

Think about it, why would your body need to keep your muscle and body tone when you only run or jog? We hear many times to incorporate cardio during cut, however many of the best aesthetics and bodies had been achieved while lifting the heaviest shit they could find during a caloric deficit in their diets.

The way your body responds to lifting while in a deficit, is to keep it’s body’s muscles, since it perceives that you need to keep your muscle to continue going to live.

You must remember that your body doesn’t magically know that weight lifting is not essential to your survival.

The brain takes sensory input (such as your vision) and input from your organs and skeletal muscle to determine how to proceed forward.

Since you’re focusing on heavy exercises, your body estimates and predicts that you need to keep it’s muscles, even when you are on a caloric deficit.

This in turn promotes and focuses on burning your fat stores in higher percentage, which help you to reveal the muscle tone you’ve been able to build.

Dream physique

I often times say that fat people are 1/2 way there to their dream physique, since they already have lots of energy ready to be used for weight lifting and muscle building.

Especially for the men who are fat, or obese, that is an awesome time to experience with different foods that you can incorporate into your diet long-term.

You do not need to bulk up on calories, since you already have lots of storage. Even though that fat is not attractive, it works for muscle building to reveal in the end what is underneath.

On contrary especially for beginners that are fat, you can both increase your muscle size and lose fat, which is a much better tactic than jogging and watching your weight, only to end up looking skinny fat in the end.

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