Orthotropics: The idea behind improving your face

Orthotropics is the study behind improving your face in 2 ways: Improving your muscles, and bones positioning.

To this day the face is not discussed often in terms of improving its look as part of your fitness regime. However, the face is the main thing that people get to see, is constantly on public display and is much lower effort to train than other parts of your body.

There is nothing else like it, and you could see many men who manage to train amazing body physiques; however, they do not exercise their face leaving lowest hanging fruits on the table.

Face and neck

First, Orthotropics is mainly concerning the study of face. However, I also incorporate neck into the entire idea of training your face. This especially results in thinking of the entire structure of your head as one exercise type – and additionally, it’s amazingly simple to train your neck.

Neck has the same characteristics as the face: It’s very easy to train, and is not leveraged by anyone. The two verticals that manage to train it are Formula 1 drivers and kickboxers due to the nature of their jobs.

But otherwise even people who train fitness do not even think about Orthotropics, and hopefully that will change.

Anatomy of face

First thing – face contains both muscles and bones – which means it works in the same way as any other muscle group we can think of. Biceps, triceps, abs, or calves work the same way.

The more you use it, the more it will grow. And even though the bones are a large part of the face, they will automatically adjust based on the size and the shape of the muscles you’ll be able to get.

The great thing about face: you’re able to to train very specific parts of your face as there are different muscles involved.

Second thing: By my assumption, there might be many more nerve endings in your face. I have not seen studies on this, but based on my experience there are most likely more nerve endings especially around cheeks and mouth than other places in your body.

Maxilla Bone and Buccinator muscle

There are places you wouldn’t like to grow though. The Maxilla bone sits at the center of your face, and the Buccinator muscle acts as a pressurizer and is located in your cheek. If the Buccinator muscle is trained often enough, it will lead to enlarging your cheeks making them rounder. This will affect your head, and you can especially see it in babies: giving them a puffy look as they’re born.

Babies especially have this as they suckle a lot of food, which is a motion during which the muscle that sits near maxilla bone enlarges.

The best case scenario wouldn’t be for men to have a round head: but something more akin to a rectangle shape, with the jaw being more in a V-shape format than a rectangle one, which can be especially seen in fat men.

What parts of the face are important

You’d like to train 3 parts:

  1. Jaw
  2. Submental zone, which is the area below your jaw
  3. Muscles over your cheek touching below the eyes

This would be the best case scenario, and once you’d be able to pair this up with your neck exercises, you’d be golden.

You can also split those areas, and think of your face as 2 areas:

  • An Outer U, which is the shape of your face throughout your jaw
  • The Inner U, the smaller part, which is the part around your mouth up to your nose

Neck explained

As we’ve outlined, the idea behind training neck is simple. Your goal is to widen its size – to both sides as much as you can with exercises. This could be as simple as using plates on the top of your head and pushing your head forward – with the neck doing the majority of the movements.

There are many people who have trained amazing physiques: but training neck will enhance your body amazingly fast, and also is among the lowest hanging fruits you can train.

Neck is huge – which is the reason why you’ll see the results fast. Very fast.

Inner U explained

All 3 parts to train above mentioned the Outer U, especially because the Inner U is much simpler to keep going constantly – either to a good, or bad direction.

The Inner U can be thought of as malleable to the positioning of your tongue, and the way you use your mouth.

If you’re a mouth breather, you will fuck up your face structure in the Inner U part. The correct way to think about this: the best-case scenario is to have your tongue constantly sit at the top of your mouth behind the front teeth.

And the second: do not be a mouth breather, because this will naturally displace your parts of the face, and it’s neigh impossible to breathe through your mouth and keep you tongue up.

If you just do those 2 things, you will take care of the Inner U by itself, just while standing, waiting, sitting or even walking.

Effects of wrong face posture

Even though the aesthetic effects are apparent, there are so many people nowadays that have huge issues just because of the incorrect face structure they’ve managed to develop with bad tongue positioning.

The tongue is the largest muscle in the body by kilogram, which means it’s placement is going to have huge effects on the structure of your face.

The structure of your face is then able to have “top down” control on the rest of your body, since it sits at the top of your skeletal structure, and it will affect your body even up to your legs.

Having your teeth and tongue correctly positioned. Fortunately, having a fucked up face is less than more likely to completely affect your body. However, there are so many cases at this point that it’s apparent there are huge side effects on your entire body with either correct or wrong posture.

This means: face won’t just help you become more attractive, be more respected or more healthy, but it will directly impact the rest of your body, and how your mood will develop too.

Body fat

If you do train your face with the above methods, we need to discuss 2 things:

If you have higher body fat – even though you might train your face, you might not necessarily see that immediately. You can think of this as any body part – such as abs. If you have high body fat – no matter how hard you train, the muscles and the shape of your ab muscles will be hidden under a layer of fat.

However as abs – where if you train the lower abs you will get to improve your top abs as well, by focusing on the correct parts of your face to train you’ll automatically improve your entire shape.

This means: If you’re able to correctly train the parts of your Outer U we’ve outlined, and you’re able to keep correct face posture to keep your Inner U in its natural shape, you’ll make enormous progress.


Just make sure – your body fat will need to be low in order to see the results. 12% body fat would be the best-case scenario, as this body fat is also the most sustainable.

You could go lower, however the time that you will need to put in to maintain the 8, 9, 10 or even 11% body fat range may not be worthwhile for the increased results for you.

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