About Spadia

Spadia is a multi-platform content hub which helps men achieve their fullest potential inside and outside the gym through our content. We produce both fitness, lifestyle and culture content which are done both through articles and video content.

We aim to be the dominant platform in Europe all things related to gym and lifestyle – we’ve identified growing popularity of English speaking youngsters and men throughout Europe, which we’re looking to help.

Our content is currently created by hours of research and experience put into fitness and lifestyle, where we’re aiming to collaborate with personal trainers and lifestyle influencers as well to create content which is enhanced by expertise in these respective fields.

We have chosen fitness, lifestyle and culture because these have untapped potential across Europe which we aim to focus on to estabilish our niche. Long-term we’re aiming to open up and estabilish specific experts in these fields that people can turn to, whether providing content in form of podcasts, short and long form documentaries, occasional live videos and articles.

We have chosen Tesla as an inspiration. You have car manufacturers that make diesel automobiles, petrol automobiles or hybrids and in combination also electro mobiles, but Tesla does it all better than all of them. People remember and use Tesla’s cars because they are the leading solution in their field, and we hope people come to Spadia because everything fitness, lifestyle and culture related in here is focused to bring the highest quality without compromising on topics we could cover on.

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Who founded SPADIA?

The founder of Spadia is Adam Nemcik a fitness intermediate who has 2 years of experience in fitness and male lifestyle topics.

Adam writes every article and every video on this website, with now ranging in 10s of blog posts and 10s of recordings about fitness and male lifestyle related topics.

Since articles have no longer been the main medium of information, Adam had to also start on Youtube with ground zero.

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