Waking up early: The Mentality that allows you to outwork yourself

Waking up early has been touted for a long time now as a tool to have enormous benefits in business and fitness to achieve higher success over people who are late risers. In the second month of 2021, I had decided to put the idea to the test: I changed my wake up regime to […]

The truth about Supplements

Supplements have been glorified in today’s era, up to a point where there is almost not a single person who doesn’t use some kind of supplement to either enhance cognitive benefits, or physical workout sessions. In moderation when deciding which supplement to use, they can be very much of a great benefit once person decides […]

Winter Improvement Months: Beating depression during Cold Months

It has been thought for a long time that depression occurs the most during winter months, and people are generally less happy in colder environments as well. There are on the other hand studies pointing out that the increasing number of depression and suicides happen in spring, which would completely contradict the information that has […]

How Waking Up affects performance in the gym

Waking up at inconsistent times has huge effects on your performance in and outside the gym. This has been very well studied across both mice and now humans, showing that there are multiple factors at play that will impact how you perform, behave and feel. That is in the period between waking up and exercise […]

How is Cold Exposure better at performance than Steroids

Everyone who has ever gone to the gym knows as a man that thoughts about steroids use are widespread. It’s almost an epitome of gym – we can just look at how in every community, most lifestyle celebrities are discussed whether they are natty or not, whenever a picture is posted. How does that look […]

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